Recently I bought the Google Chrome Cast, just for fun and also it was just released in The Netherlands. Mine intentions was actually very simple. My kids watch very often YouTube movies on the iPad, mine Android tablet of on the PC, but not on the TV. With the Chrome Cast the kids can also watch it on the TV and I have another nice gadget.

The setup of the Chrome cast is very simple and very cleaver. You put the Chrome Cast in the HDMI port of your TV. The most cleaver thing of the Chrome Cast that makes it a wonder box, is that the Chrome Cast is also a WiFi Accesspoint and you tablet is connected to the Chrome Cast by WiFi. After the installation of the Chrome Cast App on mine tablet the installation and connection of the Chrome Cast to you WiFi accesspoint is done by the Chrome Cast App. So you control the Chrome Cast by it’s own WiFi network and the Chrome Cast streams the movies from the internet by your home WiFi network. So simple and so cleaver. The total installation takes only a couple of minutes. The whole installation manual is only one page.

Chrome  Cast Manual

But how can you stream you YouTube movie to the Chrome Cast. In the YouTube App, the is a new options that let you stream the movie to your Chrome Cast, instead of running it local. First you make a connection the the right Chrome cast. In the right upper conner is the Chrome Cast button.

Chrome Cast Connection

After connected, the You Tube App has the option to play it now or the places it in a queue.


ABUS-SC is a security company from Germany with a local office in the Netherlands. One of the big advantage of ABUS-SC is  a web shops where you can order the products when you are accepted as a reseller or installation partner. ABUS sells security cameras (ip and CCTV) and alarms systems. Up til now I have only use the security cameras from them. During the last few years I have bought several ip-cameras and cctv camera.

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I bought a couple of month ago via a Groupon deal a very cheap PTZ IP camera. A camera with no name and after some research it seems to be a WANSCAM camera. These cameras can be bought also via a few website from China. I had actually no any expectation from this camera, but the camera really surprice me.

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A security camera without a good server with security software are not that power full. I have tested a dozen of different security sofware and was looking for software that was free or for a less price and for me it was important that is was running on windows. Why windows, because my own servers running for windows and a lot of my customers also using Windows and not to forget for windows servers there are plenty good tools for remote desktop access.

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For the last couple of years I did some investigation about camera security with the goal of to find a good combination of camera, software and price. If you do a quick search on the internet millions of camera’s and software is found. Expecialy when yu search on the Chinese website like Aliexpres, etc. With a few articles I will share mine experience. The first article is about the security products of the company ProVideo from Taiwan.

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The last few years as a Scrum master I have worked with different teams mainly to explore the Agile manifesto and changing to way of working of the current and classic Waterfall method. The elaboration of Agile can be totally different in each team and therefor the 5 traps from me.

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Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) can be used as a full ETL solution for Extracting, Transformation and Loading data. I use PDI now for several years and try several time with no luck the Web services design step. It was no problem to use the Web services for very simple data connection, lookup the temperature of one City. But when the data structure become more complex I didn’t success.


With the help of Zend Soap Server I created a better Soap Server with a RPC/encoded and a Document/Literal style. Especially the Document/Literal style seem to be very easy to integrate with PDI.


This article describe the integration of the Zend Soap Server ( with PDI in a few simple steps. During these steps a file with a few address will be checked to an Address Checker. The Address Checker is an address validation on an address database. Every address in the file is checked and the result is writing to a new output file.

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Zend Framework bevat de classes Zend_Soap_Server om zoals de naam het al zegt een Soap Server mee te bouwen. Hiermee kunnen eenvoudige soap server, zowel met WSDL als zonder WSDL worden gemaakt. Als de client, dat een verbinding maakt met de soap server ook met PHP is ontwikkeld dan is met minimale regels een Soap Server ontwikkeld. Kijk op voor een eenvoudig voorbeeld.


Het wordt pas lastiger als de Soap_Server meerdere non-PHP client moet kunnen bedienen en waarbij de beschrijving van de Soap_Server met een WSDL beschreven moet worden. Maar een WSDL kan in meerdere stijlen worden beschreven en om zo veel mogelijk non-PHP client te kunnen bedienen zijn de volgende twee stijlen een “must”:

–          RPC/encoded (RPCENC)

–          Document/Literal (DOCLIT)


De Soap_server dat hier wordt beschreven beschrijft de WSDL in beide stijlen en kan een groot aantal non_PHP client bedienen.

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Wat is de aanpak van softwareontwikkeling en wat zijn de belangrijke zaken die niet uit het oog verloren dienen te worden. Kijk snel op de presentatie Software Developement en lees deze Post!!

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Op de website staat een goed overzicht van het Agile proces en met name het onderdeel Team Empowerment geeft goed aan hoe een Agile Team binnen een organisatie staat.

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